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It's time for a Massachusetts Voter ID law.

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The integrity of our elections is under attack all over the country, and Massachusetts is no different.

Do you stand for fair and legal elections, uncompromising integrity in our electoral process, and against voter disenfranchisement?

Join us.

I’m proud to announce a new campaign aimed at putting the question of whether or not the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should require voters to present identification in order to prove their identity at the ballot box.

We’ve witnessed enough voter discontent over the last several months that makes one truth abundantly clear: The most fundamental voting right is the right to have your vote count.

You’ve likely heard the argument many times from Democrats that voter ID requirements are “racist.”

What the Democrats in Massachusetts don’t want you to know is that more than 80 percent of all Americans strongly support some form of voter ID law.

Yet what’s clear to me, after serving eight years as a state lawmaker, is that Beacon Hill will never so much as debate the merits of voter ID laws, and that’s why we’re taking this question straight to the people.

To put this question on the 2022 ballot, we’re going to need help, and that’s where you come in. Our goal is to register at least 2,000 volunteers who will help gather enough signatures of registered voters to have this question qualify as a ballot initiative.

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Only with your help can we put this important question to a vote!

Yours, Jim Lyons Chairman, Massachusetts Republican Party

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